Sunday, July 22, 2007

5 more days! Only 5 more days till vacation. Halleluha!!! It's about freakin time!! Gettin outa the flat cornfields of Illinoiz and on to the mountains and water of Lake Tahoe!! Talk about total opposites. I'm really hoping I'll be able to find where I can rent tis floating dragon thingy. Wouldn't that be the coolest?! A 40 something fat white woman floating on that in the middle of Lake Tahoe. Everyone out of the water!!! Clear the beaches! At the very least i'll go parasailing. That's about the extent of me getting in the water. It's suppose to be really cold cause it's so deep. THO!! CWI's!!! Alright I'm outa here. Tootles

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I love Happy Bunny!
Had a little conversation yesterday with one of the teachers at the school I work at. She was actually kinda venting to me I guess. She has 3 kids, 2 of which are in high school. The nut bag at Virginia Tech last week is making her think about her kids going off on their own soon and how she will have no control over them then. All that stuff we all thought about last week. Anyway, the conversation got around to that Cho guy being bullied back when he was a kid. Made me think of stuff I did to people when I was a kid. Yea, I'll admit it. I was a bully. I'm not proud of it an I apologize to anyone that happened to be one of my victims. 3 people come to mind. And 2 of them were during my senior year of high school. So, to Magaly Que. I'm sorry I locked you in the lockers during PE then left you there till Peg Hill noticed you were gone. Numerous times. I'm sorry to Gloria Price. For some reason I thought it would be funny to pull your shorts down right in the middle of main street during PE class. Again, numerous times. Ok, so there is 1 more person i need to apologize to. I have no idea who this person is. I do know she was from in or around Pesotum, Illinois that summer of 1977. I have apologized on the radio to this person before also. But, the internet being a little more vast than 94.5 in Champaign, Illinois. This makes me feel a little better. So this person from "Piss-on-um" was a complete stanger at a softball game in Gibson City, Illinois that summer. Nature called one night so she went into the bathroom that was connected to the consession stand at the ball field. Little did she know that little 'ol me had put super glue on the toilet seat. I can still here her yelling that she was stuck. And I can still see her squirming around thru the tiny crack in the door. That's when i just left her there and rode off on my bike. This truly haunts me. So. Lady from Pesotum 30 years ago this summer that i glued to the toilet seat. I'm really really sorry.
Now am i suppose to feel better?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Long live The Chief!!!

It's a sad day here in Illini Nation today. A part of most Central Illinoians has been "retired". Freakin sucks. I can go on and on and on and on about the bull shit over this the past few years. But I won't. Doesn't do any good. I just hope Steven Kaufmann and all his people are freakin happy tonight. What the hell are we gonna do at halftime of football and basketball games from now on? The 3 in 1 just won't ever be the same. More fly dogs during basketball season I guess. I feel like a part of me has died.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I dug thru a glacier this morning. I swear it was anyway. Felt like it when I was done. After 4 hours of digging I still wasn't at the road yet. This sucker engulfed my car and went all the way to the road. 2 1/2 feet to 4 feet deep. The whole stinkin way to the street. Hard packed snow. Not the easy fluffy powdery snow. Of course not. So I dug for 4 hours and still had 2 tons of snow left before i was able to break free to the street. This was the hard snow plow remnant snow. All big ass chunks of ice. Thought I was gonna die. A backhoe came by, I smiled at they guy, pointed at what i had left to scoop, and the guy backed up, and in 10 seconds he took out the rest of the glacier. It would have taken me at least an hour more to finish that. Thanks buddy!

C/U got 13.5 inches of snow and at times we had 58 mph winds. It sucked last night. It's day's like yesterday that i wonder what the hell i was thinking when i moved back from Florida!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow day

Damn it's been freakin cold outside the past couple weeks. We've all been spoiled around here cause it really hasn't been that bad. Global warming I guess. But Mother Nature has a way of slapping us in the face and saying "PSYCH"! 6am this morning I'm trying to dig myself out of the driveway to go over to a friends and dig myself into her driveway to let the dog out for her and take her to doc. Takes me an hour to get out of mine. By the time I get to the end of the driveway it had almost blown shut again. This with only 7 inches of snow. I go over to friends, spend an hour over there digging and find out the doctor's appt cancelled. Lovely. So what else do ya do during a blizzard? Go drive around town of course! Streets in Urbana weren't too bad but once ya passed Wright street and get into Champaign my car was freakin bottoming out in the snow. Almost lost it once. Fun shit tho. Drive by my house a couple times to scope out the drifts. 1st time by was bad. 45 minutes later i drive by. Freakin nasty! I drop friend back home, take the dog out 1 more time and head home. Can't get in driveway so i park across the street. the drifts were 3 feet tall. Shit. Took me over an hour this time and that with help from the neighbor that disappeared before I got to thank him. So neighbor of mine to the east...THANKS! Got in the house and called 2nd job to tell them i wasn't coming in and i've been here since. I love to hibernate in the house over the weekends but i have an option to leave if i want to. Today drove me crazy! Bored! So i looked outside around 6 tonight. My drive is covered by 1 solid 4 foot deep drift starting at the street and ending at the windshield wipers of my car. The hood of my car is not visible. This is not a good thing when i need to get to work by 6am tomorrow. Today was the first snow day i've had since the Valentine's Day ice storm of 1990. 'course i'll have to take a vacation day inorder to get paid for it. Only got 1/2 day vacation left now. Might have to work on Saturday. that sucks

Monday, January 08, 2007

Ok, new comercial been on the boob tube the past week or so. The first couple times I saw it I thought it was some kind of spoof or something. Then, I REALLY started watching it. Looking for any sign that it was mocking something. NOPE. The real thing. A customer service commercial by the "Ad Council". I can't believe someone would pay money for this! Ok, commercial synopsis....With all the anti smoking/second hand smoke talk on how bad it is for everyone. Well this commercial wants to make everyone aware that FARTING in anyplace but outside is just as bad to smell as second hand smoke is. OH FOR GOD'S SAKE! If that's the case then I should have been dead 20 years ago! These people are serious too! Picture this...Girl n guy, sitting in their apartment. Girl excuses herself. Guy askes where she's going. Girl says, "I have to go outside to pass gass". WHO THE FREAK IS GONNA DO THAT? Even the most snooty people I know will let it rip. GEESH! If these advertisers wanna give their money away like that then give it to a good charity. Like the "I need a new deck on my house" charity. I can send them the address....
I'm done now. I gotta go outside and fart.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's almost over. Christmas is almost here. Only a few more minutes. I'm such the Grinch. The only part about Xmas that I enjoy is spending time with family. Did that yesterday. Doin it a little tomorrow too. Then it'll be all over.
Got all next week off from hell job #1. I can't remember the last time I worked the week between Xmas and New Year. Been a long time ago. Have to work at job 2 tho. That sucks as usual. What am I gonna do with all my spare time next week? hmmmmm.....I probably should scan a bunch of pictures. Been going to do that for the past 2 years. Shoulda had it done by now.
K, well gotta go watch A Christmas Story for the 15th time.