Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I did a really really expensive load of laundry on Sunday night. I'd like to say it was crack head move #1 for this week. My last load of laundry Sunday night I decided to throw in the clothes I wore on Sunday. No big deal. I do it most every Sunday night. Except with this load I forgot to check the pockets a second time and in doing that, I washed my cell phone. 5 minutes into the washer filling with water I even thought were my phone was. It was late so I just assumed that since it wasn't on my body, it was plugged in the charger. I was WRONG. Not only did I wash the phone, I even threw it in the dryer for about 10 minutes before I decided to check out what the thudding noise was in the dryer. That's when I found it. Yea, great. It didn't work at all. I layed it out on the table for about 24 hours and last night I turned it on. YEA!!! It worked!! I couldn't believe it! The picutre stuff wasn't pretty but I could read stuff in the display window. It got late and I decided to write down all my phone numbers this morning. That was a mistake. I turned it on this morning and got nothing in the display window. I could make calls out and receive calls but that was all. So, I had to buy a new phone. Couldn't get a free one cause I had just updated my plan in October. Since I hadn't got the insurance on that phone, I had to pay full retail price for it. SHIT! So that load of carwash towels, a pair of jean shorts and a tshirt cost me $237. I did buy the insurance on the new phone.
So, If I haven't already asked ya, email me your phone numbers!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Here's a picture of little 'ol me in San Francisco. It was cold and windy as hell that day but I still got a sunburn on my face...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Interesting how 25 years can mature people. I attended my 25 year class reunion last night. It was a blast! At first I wasn't really sure i wanted to go at all. Then Julie and Lynn said they were thinking about going. GOOD! I'll have somebody to talk to! Interesting because some of the people I talked to last night I can't EVER remember carrying on a conversation with in the whole 12 years we were in school together. That's a good thing. It was a fair turnout. About a quarter of our class came. Some came from as far away as Colorado, Florida and Tennessee. BUT, most of those still living in town, didn't come. Why is that? There was alot of covered up gray hair (well, from those of us who HAD hair). A fair amount of wrinkes and added/lost weight. I only didn't recognise 1 person. Damn this woman had gotten tall! When did that happen? We have our share of professionals, engineers, police officers, day care providers, general office people and even a liquor drinkin, cigarette smokin, Methodist minister. YEA, she's a freakin hoot!!!! The night started out iffy but the last hour we were there we just sat around in a circle and reminised about our youth. I was such an angel growing up! Our evening ended at 1am but I think we could have EASILY stayed there in that circle another hour or two. I have a list of everybody's whereabouts (for those we could find anyway) and that important thing that wasn't even thought about 25 years ago, the email address. I might have to drop some people a line one of these days. Heck, somebody might even Google me and read this blog. Who knows!

Thanks GCHS Class of 1981, I had a great time last night!!